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Throughout my career I've worked with a host of diverse clients, Nike, Sainsbury's, Lurpak, Arla, Marks & Spencer and Honda to name just a few of the big ones, always working very closely with the Creatives to ensure the work develops to the great standard all parties are striving for.

Over the 8+ years working at Wieden+Kennedy I developed the discipline and attention to detail which that environment demands, while expanding my fields of interest both there and elsewhere as an independent freelancer.


As you can see, my skills are broad. I received my degree in photography from Nottingham Trent, and this background has not only fed into my photography work but also into filming, where knowledge of framing, lighting, colour and black and white are invaluable. Editing has also been a big part of my career, with experience working on TVCs, social campaigns right through to mood films.  I take great pride in the finishing touches which has naturally brought me to learn retouching and colour grading

I now work solely as a freelancer, so please get in touch if you like my work and would be interested in collaborating!



Tel: (+44) 0777 966 8269

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